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Best Practices for Sperm Banking

Many California Cryobank clients are surprised to learn they ideally would abstain from ejaculation for two - four days to ensure both the highest semen volume and highest amount of motile sperm is collected prior to cryopreserving their sperm. This isn’t always possible and we encourage clients to visit one of our branches for a collection and semen analysis anyway. In today’s world of assisted reproductive technologies, even a couple of vials of quality sperm rather than quantity could result in a future child. If a man is diagnosed with cancer, facing immediate military deployment or about to have major surgery, fertility preservation can be the one thing he needs to feel hope for his future as a biological parent.

The California Cryobank offers sperm banking for cancer patients and anyone facing medical issues that threaten fertility. For more information, contact or call 866-477-3762.

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