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Fertile Future for First Responders, Military Personnel, Cancer Patients and Professional Athletes

California Cryobank (CCB) has more than 35 years’ experience cryopreserving sperm. Through its Fertile-Future program, individuals facing medical treatments or career risks often elect to bank sperm to ensure their future as a biological parent. From military personnel to cancer patients, CCB houses tens of thousands of vials of stored sperm for clients for one unifying purpose: hope for future parenthood.

Our Fertile Future teams in Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Las Vegas, Cambridge, Connecticut and New York see clients within 24 hours and can even take same day appointments for emergent cases. Each team is compassionate to each client’s individual need.  Our team members are discreet and caring as fertility preservation can be a delicate subject and under difficult circumstances.

The California Cryobank offers sperm banking for cancer patients, military members, first responders and anyone facing medical issues that threaten fertility. For more information, contact FertileFuture@ or call 866-477-3762. 

California Cryobank LLC is a BBB Accredited Fertility Specialist in Los Angeles, CA Dun And Bradstreet Verified