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What does a semen analysis measure?

A semen analysis is always done before male Fertility Preservation (cryopreserving a specimen) to ensure we are freezing viable sperm. Common sperm analysis considers these measures:

  1. Volume refers to the amount of ejaculate collected
  2. Sperm count refers to the total number of sperm in the ejaculate
  3. Sperm morphology refers to the number of sperm that have an oval shaped head, with a connecting mid-piece and a long, straight tail
  4. Sperm motility 

When it comes to fertilizing an egg naturally, sperm parameters need to be good though not perfect to produce offspring. In the case of Fertility Preservation, sperm parameters have some leeway because of the assisted reproduction options available to patients. For instance, if sperm count is low, but morphology is good, a patient can use the best quality sperm and have it injected directly into an egg for fertilization to occur.

Systemic illness like lymphoma, leukemia or even the flu can temporarily impact sperm test results. CCB encourages clients to retest three months after the completion of treatment. California Cryobank (CCB) works with our clients to ensure they understand their sperm analysis and future options prior to cryopreserving their specimens.

CCB offers sperm banking for cancer patients, military members, first responders and anyone facing medical issues that threaten fertility. For more information, contact or call 866-477-3762. 

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