Immediate Needs Cord Blood Storage Program

Immediate Need Transplant Program

FamilyCordFamilyCord, a California Cryobank company, understands that all families deserve every available resource in order to keep their family healthy. For this reason, we established the Immediate Need Transplant Program to offer our services free of charge to expectant parents who have a family member in immediate need of a transplant.

What is the Immediate Need Transplant Program?

The Immediate Need Transplant Program offers our services free of charge to parents with a family member in immediate need of a cord blood transplant to treat a life-threatening disease.

Who is Eligible?

Any expectant family with a mother, father or child that has been diagnosed with a disease presently treatable by cord blood stem cells qualifies to receive our services free of charge.

How to Qualify?

Please contact FamilyCord at 800-490-CORD (2673) to discuss your individual case with a cord blood educator. While the services are provided free of charge, candidates will need to fill out our contract so we have all personal and medical information necessary to process cord blood stem cells. In addition to completely filling out our contract, the candidate must qualify as an Immediate Need Transplant Case under our corporate guidelines, which are to be determined in our sole discretion and are subject to change.

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