Institutional Embryo Storage

Cryogenics Storage TanksCalifornia Cryobank offers institutional storage options for clinics looking to outsource their long-term embryo storage.

Participating clinics receive significant savings when arranging a bulk transfer.

There is also an option to send embryos from individual patient accounts monthly.

For additional information or to discuss a transfer, please contact our Client Depositor Manager at 310-443-5244 ext. 1083.

Below are some commonly asked questions regarding the program:

How will a bulk transfer be coordinated?
The transfer will be coordinated by California Cryobank with the assistance of Pacific Scientific Transport who will perform the transfer. California Cryobank has worked with Pacific Scientific Transport for over 20 years to transport reproductive tissue and has completed many successful transfers.

How will the embryos be stored?
The embryos will be stored in an MVE liquid LN2 tank. These tanks have advanced features such as automatic filling and an electronic monitoring system. They are also monitored in-person 365 days/year.

What are the rates for institutional storage?
Pricing for bulk institutional transfers depends on a variety of factors, including: volume of patients, type of transportation, search services required, etc.

For clinics referring clients on an individual basis, clients will establish a storage agreement with California Cryobank and select a storage term. 2010 rates for individual embryo storage accounts are set at $420 per year with discounted multi-year packages available.

For additional information on pricing, please contact our Client Depositor Manager at 310-443-5244 ext. 1083

What types of security systems are in place?
All exterior doors are secured and protected 24 hours a day by custom fit magnetic locks. No one can access the building without a coded pass card

Interior zones (including the cryogenic storage area) are protected by additional magnetic doors also requiring a coded pass card for entry.

All public access is monitored by mounted cameras fed directly to the central monitoring desks. No one is admitted without visual confirmation.

How are emergency situations handled? Are there back up generators?

Fire Monitoring
The building is monitored 24 hours a day by ADT Security Systems.

The system is the same one used by hospitals, department stores and high rise buildings.

The system protecting our 20,000 square foot facility is capable of monitoring and protecting a building five times the size.

31 individual smoke detectors monitor the buildings duct system, automatically shutting down all dampers in the event of smoke or a fire.

Remote access via the internet allows off site monitoring of all systems and alarms.

In addition fire suppression systems have been established throughout the building with traditional sprinklers and a dry chemical suppression system for our server room.

Emergency Back-up Systems
An industrial diesel emergency hospital grade electric generator provides fully independent back-up power in case of any power failure. This ensures that our facility remains active and protected - even in case of a city wide blackout.

6,000 gallon liquid nitrogen (LN2) tank provides constant supply of freezing agent to specimens. If our LN2 supply is interrupted for any reason, this system can maintain safe levels of LN2 for two to three months without refilling.

Reinforced Structural Integrity
The entire building has been seismically retrofitted and reinforced in accordance with updated safety requirements meeting "Essential" building qualifications (hospitals, fire departments, and police stations).

This is 50% greater than is required by the current Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety codes.

In addition to the items listed above, California Cryobank has a cascading call system for emergency purposes.  The Medical Directors, Senior Executives and Managers can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

For more information or to arrange for a transfer, please contact our Client Depositor Services Manager at: 310-443-5244 ext. 1083


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