Fertile Future: Embryo Banking Program

Trust 30 years of cryogenic storage experience

Pregnant Mom looking at her ultrasoundEmbryo storage is not only a valuable asset in protecting a woman’s reproductive future, but also a vital component in many fertility procedures. California Cryobank is accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) and the California Cryobank, Los Angeles embryo storage facility is the choice of hundreds of physicians and clinics around the country.

To arrange for an embryo transfer to California Cryobank or for more information, please contact us at 866-477-3762. 

Embryo storage services are available through our Los Angeles headquarters, Los Altos branch office, Cambridge branch office, and New York branch office. We will arrange for the shipment of your embryos from anywhere in the U.S. to our Los Angeles office.

Reasons for Embryo Storage:

  • By couples whose infertility treatment includes an assisted reproductive procedure (IVF, GIFT or ZIFT) or micromanipulation (ICSI). Many women produce numerous eggs due to fertility drugs. Often, only a handful of the embryos are re-implanted into the uterus. Storing the remaining embryos can make additional procedures less expensive and easier.
  • By any female diagnosed with cancer who will undergo treatments that may reduce or diminish her fertility potential. Women considering egg storage due to a cancer diagnosis can also have their eggs fertilized, creating embryos for storage.
  • High cost of continued storage at an IVF clinic

Please note California Cryobank does not offer the assisted reproductive techniques necessary to create embryos and is only a long-term storage facility.  Upon request, we can provide you with a list of fertility clinics in your area which offer these services. 


Additional Information

Why trust California Cryobank to handle the long-term storage of your embryos? Because California Cryobank…

  • is an American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) accredited reproductive tissue bank.
  • is a state of California, Department of Health licensed tissue bank.
  • has written standard operating procedures pertaining to the storage and maintenance of reproductive tissue. These procedures are being used to assure the safety of all embryos being stored.
  • has provided a separate designated secure area for the embryo storage tanks. The area is locked at all times and access is limited to authorized personnel required to maintain storage tanks.
  • has extensive external and internal security systems that include secured entrance system, closed circuit cameras, and 24-hour armed security response service.
  • has provided qualified and authorized personnel to monitor daily the liquid nitrogen level of each storage tank. In addition, all tanks are electronically monitored 24 hours-a-day.
  • maintains complete records of all tissues stored and all activities pertaining to the stored embryos.
  • has a procedure in place for retrieval of embryos to ensure cryogenic safety of the embryos during transfer.


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