Genetic Consultations

CCB Genetic Counseling Services

Genetic counselors are health professionals with specialized graduate degrees and training in medical genetics. California Cryobank has professional genetic counselors on staff available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding the medical history of a sperm donor or genetic testing.

A genetic counselor:

  • Collects and evaluates an individual's family medical information
  • Explains genetic conditions and how they are passed down through families
  • Discusses genetic screening and diagnostic testing options including the risks, benefits, and limitations of available tests
  • Provides support for making informed decisions about genetic testing and medical planning
  • Explains the results of genetic tests

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Two types of consultations are available with genetic counselors at California Cryobank:

Personal Genetic Risk Assessments
During these consultations, a genetic counselor with CCB Genetic Counseling Services will collect and evaluate your family's medical history and discuss the relevant genetic testing options that you may want to consider before you get pregnant and/or during your pregnancy.

Sperm/Egg Donor Comparison Consultations
Our genetic counselors are available to assist you in selecting a donor by discussing and comparing the family medical histories, as well as the results of genetic tests performed on these sperm donors.

You may want to consider this type of consultation if you:

  • Want to know about the risks to their pregnancy based on age, family history, ethnic background, or exposures to medications, infections, alcohol, or other substances
  • Experienced infertility or multiple miscarriages
  • Have a family history of cancer, mental illness, developmental disability, birth defect, or mental retardation

Download the Genetic Couseling Services Brochure.

For more information, or to schedule a a personal genetic consultation, please contact CCB Genetic Counseling Services at 877-943-6384.

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