Transfer Specimens to CCB

Transferring Your Sperm, Embryos and/or Eggs to California Cryobank

By transferring your sperm, embryos and/or eggs to California Cryobank, you can receive significant savings on our long-term storage. You can also rest assured that your reproductive tissues are being safely stored in our state of the art cryogenics facility.

To proceed with your transfer or for additional information, please contact us at: 866-477-3762.

Benefits of Transferring Your Specimens to California Cryobank:

  • Competitive pricing for long-term storage
  • No account or administrative set up fee required
  • Over 30 years of cryogenics storage experience
  • Maximum relevant certifications and licenses
  • End-to-End coordination of the transfer by a California Cryobank representative

About our Facility:

  • 24-hour video surveillance and monitoring by ADT
  • Access controlled via magnetic locks and coded entry cards
  • Advanced fire suppression system similar to those used in hospitals
  • Backup generator to ensure electricity during a widespread outage




Semen/Embryo/Egg Storage Fees* as of January 2020†

†Please note: Fees may increase by a small percentage each calendar year. Longer term storage packages provide the best savings by locking in the current year's rates.

Specimen Storage
1 year $495
3 years $1,085
5 years $1,685
10 years $2,850
Specimen removal from storage, preparation for transport and restocking fee
(if applicable)

Shipping fees vary for shipment of specimens (within the U.S.) to California Cryobank. Plesae contact the Client Storage Dept. at 866-477-3762 for more information.

There is no account or administrative set up fee.

Fees for California Cryobank's long term storage plans are listed above. All plans are renewable.

*Fees subject to change without notice


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